José de Castro (Jopi) is a famous spanish session guitarrist and producer. He's one of the most demanded session guitarrist and also a great pop-rock producer. He is working and has worked with some of the most well known artists in the last years in Spain (Melendi, Chenoa, Malu, Mónica Naranjo...). But despite his commercial music oriented work, he's also a monster player and manages to get the time to record his own albums that are sold all around the world. He has recently released his 5th instrumental studio album "Breathe".

Jopi uses the Studio Plex mkII and Studio Lux 22 heads paired with different BIGTONE 2x12" cabinets for both live and studio situations. His rack and main pedalboard have been assembled and wired by Bigtone Custom Amplification.

That's what he says on a recent magazine interview: "We have recorded the BIGTONE amps demo clips in my studio and I can say those are some of the best sounding amps I've played." (Cutaway Guitar Magazine, issue 25)

José de Castro, Studio Plex, Studio Lux