Born in Madrid, 1980. In 1999 he founds Pereza and the first self-named album of this band was published in 2001. In 2002 Pereza published their second album "Algo para cantar", and Leiva starts to show as a gifted writer with songs like "Pienso en aquella tarde". The big jump to the best selling lists happens in 2005 with the album "Animales". Songs like "Princesas" and "Todo" make this album reach the gold album award and Pereza started to be considered as one of the great pop spanish bands.

Leiva starts to like working inside the recording studios and produces the Sidecars first album. He never stops to play drums, as it can be heard in all Pereza albums.
Aviones tour ends in December 2010 with a sold out show in Madrid at the "Palacio de los Deportes". After a few months break, Leiva and Ruben decide to keep walking by their self and continue alone their musical careers. The culmination of this plan is the album "December" (2012). All the things learned in the previous Pereza album, Aviones, evolve into the love for the 70s sound, with guitar walls of sound and winds sections. Leiva did a great creative, instinctive and almost obsessive work for this album, recording almost every instrument, producing the album and looking for the secret his favourite recordings to create the best rock songs.

"December" was acclaimed by everybody and received different awards like iTunes Disc of the Year, best album of the year by Rolling Stone, 2 latin grammy nominations... The tour started with 3 sold out shows in La Riviera, Madrid, for 2500 people each day.

In 2014 Leiva starts to work on the new album, Polvora. The first single “A fuera en la ciudad” debuted with an iTunes #1 position.
For the Polvora tour he has been using the BIGTONE Studio Plex 1x12" combos.