BIGTONE Custom Amplification announces new Sales and Marketing Manager for Italy

BIGTONE Custom Amplification, a leader in handmade tube guitar amplifiers, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Ignazio Vagnone for the sales & marketing activities of their products in Italy.

Ignazio has a long history in the guitar market, most always in association with high-end brands. He will be representing BIGTONE Amplifiers to a selected network of exclusive dealers and will manage the local brand marketing, including the relations with the media and the artists.

Octavio Valero, one of the two partners in BIGTONE, with Jose M. Torrelo, comments: “BIGTONE Custom Amplification is going through a very important expansion, offering a new range of high-end products to a wider range of customers, either in Europe and also overseas. We have been able with these products to open relations with top artists, who believe in BIGTONE and will cooperate in our development. Also, we opened business relations with partners like Ignazio, who have a deep knowledge of the guitar amplification market, from all perspectives: the business, the technical and the player's one.

Together with Ignazio, we are looking forward to increase our market share and visibility in the Italian market, by means of our fresh, direct approach and straightforward business model.

We invite all players and all dealers to our Frankfurt Messe booth, to play and feel our products and our passion!”

BIGTONE will be at the Frankfurt MusikMesse, April 7th to 10th. The booth is located in Halle 11.0, booth D81

BIGTONE Custom Amplification is a manufacturer of premium quality, handmade tube amplifiers for guitar, started up in Valencia, (SP), in 2009. and growing rapidly since then, to the point of being now operating an international business approach.

Ignazio Vagnone, with his new business firm 'A Matter Of Tone', has almost three decades of experience in the MI and Pro Audio business, having worked with some of the industry leading Manufacturers as well as for some very important Distributors in Italy.

Contact details:
Ignazio Vagnone - A Matter Of Tone
Via Monte Bianco 19, 20900, Monza, MB, Italy
Office: +39.039.9466835
Mobile: +39.331.7519401
Skype: ignazio.v