2×12″ Classic


2x12'' CLASSIC
Classic cab based on a british BB dimensions. Very 3D, sounds almost like a 4x12” without having to carry all that weight.

BIGTONE Custom Amplification Speaker cabs can be loaded with customers choice from Celestion G12M-65 Creamback, V30, G12H30 and G12M Greenback at no extra cost (consult availability and pricing for other speaker options such a Scumback Speakers, G12-65, Alnico Blue, etc...).

Dimensions: 76'2(W)x63'5(H)x30(D)cm. Height includes rubber feet.

Typical weight: Around 30kg (depending on the speakers).



MSRP 2x12" Classic Speaker Cab: 1000€ with standard speakers selection.

MSRP includes 21% Spanish VAT. MSRP does not include shipping.


* In our constant effort to improve our product line, specs and or prices are subject to change without notice.