BIGTONE Custom Amplification announces the Studio Lux amp.

The BIGTONE Studio Lux is the new addition to our amp line in 2015, aimed to the american blackface tone lovers that also want to enjoy a full tube overdrive sound in the same amp. It's a 6L6 based 50W dual channel amp that delivers classic blackface clean sounds on channel 1 and a rich palette of overdrive tones on channel 2. This second channel also has a footswitchable fixed gain boost to offer a total of 3 different sounds from a simple to use front panel.

  • 2 Channels, 6L6 based 50W tube amp.
  • Volume and EQ for channel 1.
  • Gain, EQ and Volume for channel 2.
  • Footsw. fixed boost channel 2.
  • Serial FX Loop.